Stink Bug Plague

by zephyo

Fight against a stink bug invasion with science! And cyborgs! And bravery! Or cowardice - it’s your choice, really, in this choose-your-own-adventure text game.

About Stink Bug Plague

I created Stink Bug Plague to get over my irrational fear of stink bugs. Also, I wanted to write something other than dreary college prompt essays.

Stink Bug Plague has these features:

12 Possible Endings

From "Lonely and Self-Destructive" to "Success with a Moral Burden" to even "A Delirious Samurai Death", there are unlimited (aka 12) possibilities!

Every Choice Matters

Are you brave? Are you curious? And most importantly - do you hate or like stink bugs? Your personality traits will define your experience.

10,000 Words Total

So many delicious, scrumptious words. You know you want to read them.

Learn Insect Science

Have you ever wondered why stink bugs never go away? (Me too.) Play the game and find out via in-depth explanations and citations in-game.

Build A Cyborg Insect

Defeat your stink bug infestation by creating an insect!

Contact Zephyo

Have any questions or concerns? Ask away here!

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